95 E320 Cab front end wobble

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Can anyone give me some first hand experience or guidance on 95 E320 cab front end "shimmy" or "wobble".? I've owned this great car for a year now and have a good mechanic (Louden Motors in Dallas) but have always been bothered by the amount of shimmy I get when on rough roads or hitting small bumps. I do realize that this car is unique in that MB just made a cabriolet out of a sedan and because of that the model has some rigidity issues. It just seems that mine is excessive and is really pronounced when the top is down. My mechanic says it's fine but the car is all original with 32,000 miles. I wonder if things just "get old" (I am) and need to be replaced.

Thanks for any help or advise.

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front end wobble

Hi, you need to have your mechanic check the usual suspects for front end play, even on a low mileage car. Maybe the tires need to be rebalanced, or alignment. My Cabrio (50K miles) also has a slight "wobble" as well that the TE and ED do not, but I have not gone over the front end yet, and do not drive it much.

This winter, I will:
1. Replace steering damper (cheap part).
2. Check for play/wear in the wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rods, drag link.
3. Check strut mounts and struts.
4. Rubber pieces- sway bar bushings, control arm bushings, idle arm bushing, even the motor mounts.
5. The Cabrio has a vibration damper as part of the left strut mount- maybe yours is loose or is rotting?

I'll report back what I find, but it won't be for some time. Dave


E300 Diesel, 300CE Cab, 300TE, 190D

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