560SL 1988 Problems

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I have owned my 560 SL 1988 that has 35,550  miles on it for over 8 years. 3 new problems just appeared.



1) my odometer & speedometer stopped working last week. I did smell an electrical burning  aroma while driving on the day it stopped. Could this be a relay/switch problem or other easy fix? Any guidance on what is required to fix a problem like this given the electric burning smell that happened? Do you have a web link for instructions on this repair? I did buy the MB maintenance disc, but it is not telling me enough to resolve.

2) I have progressively more "play" in my steering wheel before the car turns. Maybe 10 to 12 degrees from the straight-on position. I also noticed a faint single click sound in the steering column when the car is at resting/idle position when turning the steering wheel at the ~ 10 degrees position. What is this problem indicating? Does the steering column need to be tightened? My mechanic Raul Bengolea of Ultimate Euro Repairs here in Ft Lauderdale is closed this week. I will bring to him for a review, but wanted to get some sense of problematic issue given the symptoms.

3) My air conditioning and heater does not work. Although I probably need to have Freon added to the system, I have also heard of an issue in the past that suggests there is an easy fix with a sensor problem that occurs in this Chassis year under the dash that requires some kind of insulation wrapped around it to address the lack of heat problem. Any suggestions here?



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Rubber deteriorates after so

Rubber deteriorates after so many years. The rubber parts in your front end may need replacement. With the low miles you report it would be unlikely that ball joints would be worn but you never know. Also the three bolts that mount the steering box to the chassis should be checked for tightness.


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The steering coupling is a

The steering coupling is a good place to start for that problem. Which service cd did you get and where did you get it?


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