NYC-LI Section Visits Peter Nettesheim Museum

NYC-LI Section Visits Peter Nettesheim Museum

Submitted by John McAuliffe on 04-22-2013

Event Information
Date: Sat, 04/20/2013 - 10:00am
Location: Huntington, NY - New York
Contact: John Mc Auliffe
NYC Long Island Section Event

Event Report
Hidden behind what looks like an ordinary suburban home, lies a gem of a museum.
When you arrive you walk past a beautifully restored 1958 Isetta with all of 12
horsepower and then past a one owner white 1961 300SL. Next a large climate
controlled barn comes into view. What awaits inside is a gear head’s paradise.

Inside is the world’s largest collection of prewar BMW motorcycles. Each of the
bikes is shiny and all 150 of them run. Each bike has been restored by Peter
Nettesheim to a very high standard. One is currently being rebuilt, a custom BMW
prewar bike. The barn itself is bathed in light and it is super organized. There are
bikes, cars and airplanes hanging from the ceiling.

It is here that 25 lucky members spent their Saturday April 20th. The collection’s
most valuable and historical pieces are in an adjacent building. The collection’s
cornerstone is a 1923 BMW R32, one of the first 22 motorcycles ever built by BMW.
Directly behind the bike is a large photograph of the BMW factory and very possibly
a picture of that bike being built!

Mr Nettesheim is not just a restorer of motorcycles but an archivist and historian.
He has spent much of his time locating files and collecting rare spare parts to keep
his collection mobile. He maintains electronic files on each of his motorcycles,
recording what was done when, so they all remain in top running condition. The
parts bins are located on the second story of the barn and they are impressive. Each
drawer, bin and part is labeled and he keeps an up to date inventory.

After viewing the collection we were treated to a delicious lunch and desert that
had cupcakes with the Mercedes Star logo on top. Peter Nettesheim is a member of the
NYC-LI Mercedes Club. Jan Van der Baan, Board member and Secretary arranged the
Submitted by NYC-LI Section Pres. Oliver Seligman
Pictures by John Mc Auliffe
Visit our Facebook page for more pictures!
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Jerry Kinderman
Posted on 04-30-2013
Isetta 300 Memories

How fortunate for your group to be able to visit a museum such as the Nettesheim.  Fine write-up, and thanks for adding the Isetta picture, which really caused me to read your report.  My brother and I had a yellow 1958 Isetta 300 in the early 60's.  May have been an import model, as it had the larger taillights and front and rear 'bumper protectors'.  It could zoom along as fast as 53 mph, and got us around very nimbly.  Certainly easy to park, and having one cylinder gave it a distinctive sound ("thumper", in motorcycle terminology).  Stuffed 4 of us young men into it once.
Only issue was at college... the football jocks got great pleasure in picking it up and setting it on the sidewalk, where it did fit quite well.  I have no idea as to mpg;  gas was rather inexpensive then, and the tank wasn't all that large.  I'm thinking we didn't much care.  I wish I had it now.  I see the door open... I would have begged permission to sit in it! 
Please excuse my ramble on your site; but I'm old enough to do these things.
Best regards.
Jerry Kinderman
Editor, Southwest Florida Section Sunshine Star

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