Legends of the Autobahn 2012

Legends of the Autobahn 2012

Submitted by Laura Simonds on 01-30-2012

Event Information
Date: Fri, 08/17/2012 - 9:00am
Location: Carmel Valley - California
Contact: Laura Simonds
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Stars Will Shine at Legends of the Autobahn 2012

Event Report

By Laura Simonds
When four German marques come together at a concours, magic happens. A perfect description of Legends of the Autobahn 2012. On August 17 in Carmel Valley, California, four car clubs—Mercedes-Benz Club of America, BMW Car Club of America, Porsche Club of America, and Audi Club North America—sponsored what is now “one of the most charming events” of the Monterey Classic Car Week.
The greens at Rancho Cañada Golf Club were bulging with nearly 500 of the finest examples of German engineering. MBCA showcased over 70 cars in six judged classes and corral. We were especially pleased to have a large showing of the wide-body SEC’s from the 1980s. Another eye-catching group of 300SL Gullwings and roadsters drew crowds. There was a substantial variety of other Mercedes models, from SLs of all ages to sedans of all kinds. The stunningly clear and warm weather in lovely Carmel Valley made a perfect backdrop for showing our 3-pointed stars, and also brought out thousands of spectators.

The 2012 MBCA winners were:
Best of Marque—Mercedes
1988 560SEC    Gary Dempsey
Class 1 (1886-1962 Vintage Cabriolet, Convertible, Roadster)
1st         1957 300SL       Will & Sonoma Clark
2nd        1961 300SL Roadster    Wally Buch
3rd         1961 190SL       Brian Kruse
Class 2 (1886-1959 Vintage Sedans, Coupes)
1st         1955 300SL Gullwing     Chad Hunt
2nd        1956 300SL Gullwing     Pat Matthews
3rd         1955 300SL Gullwing     Anthony Speno
Class 3 (1963-1971 Classic Cabriolet, Convertible, Roadster)
1st         1970 280SL      Jurgen Klockemann      
2nd        1970 280SE      William Brooks
3rd         1969 280SL       Thomas Uniack
Class 4 (1960-1971 Classic Sedan, Coupe, Station Wagon)
1st         1977 230           Andy Chan
2nd        1984 300SDT    Carole Osselaer
3rd         1970 300SEL 6.3           Robert Gunthorp
Class 5 (1972-1992 Modern Cabriolet, Convertible, Roadster)
1st         1972 350SL Carole Osselaer
2nd        1987 560SL       Steve Ross
3rd         1975 280SL       Socorro Solis
Class 6 (1972-1992 Modern Sedan, Coupe, Station Wagon)
1st         1983 500SEC AMG        Mark Pearson
2nd        1985 500SEC    Henric Nieminen
3rd         1971 280SE 3.5             H. Peter Watson

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Posted on 08-07-2012
Online registration ends in 3

Online registration ends in 3 days!  There are already 61 MB's registered to attend!  Looking forward to this exclusive event for the third year in a row.

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