Portland/ Seattle/ Eugene: 1989 560sel - black/black

1989 Mercedes Benz 560sel

with 256k pampered miles.

full service records

fabulous car

interior: 10/10


mechanical: 7.5/10

pm me for more info, or to schedule an appt.

$6,500 OBO

Open minded to trades, and partial-trades.

Bosch Distributor Cap #1-235-522-384

Can anyone help me determine the proper application for a Bosch Distributor Cap #1-235-522-384?  I originally purchased the cap for my 1989 300E spare parts cache ... but the car was eventually stolen.  I am trying to figure out what other uses there are for this cap.  I tried to find a reliable source online, but many provide conflicting information (some say W463 G-wagens, W201 190e's and C124 300CE's), but Bosch's website does not list many distributor caps (even for 124 sedans) ... so I am not sure if their list is accurate any more?

Becker 1492: Amp, or pre-amp?

I thought I knew what was going on, but the guys at Crutchfield are telling me I'm wrong. I was under the impression that in my '94 e420, with cd changer (no external fader switch). all the outputs from the head unit (Becker 1492) go to a power amplifier which drives all of the speakers. The guys at Crutchfield are telling me that in fact only the door (bass) speakers are driven by the power amp and that the head unit drives the other speakers. Can anyone clarify? This basically has to do with which adapter (Metra 70-1784 vs Metra 70-1786) is appropriate.

E320 Cabriolet (124) Power Top Control Module - HELP

My 1994 E320 Cabrio power top suddenly stopped working a few months ago. It was odd, one day it worked fine, the next day I just got a warning sound when the top was unlatched and the power button depressed.

Diagnostics by an independent mechanic and my local Mercedes dealer confirmed that the failure was in the power top control module (Part #124-820-45-26). Unfortunately, this part appears to be unavailable from any dealer or from the Classic Center.  

AMG front bumper part number for 1993 W124

Submitted by Steve Edelen on 01-27-2014

Can you provide the part number for the AMG bumper for a 1993 W124 chassis?  I would like to purchase one for a 300CE. 

FS: '95 E300D Special Edition - Seattle

Selling the last of my diesel cars.  Was in an accident in May and other party insurance has decided it cost too much for them to pay to repair.

Hit in driver side front fender.  Body shop estimate is $7k to fix and paint.  It will have salvage title.

Best choice to replace my E300D

 I lost my 1995 E300 when a woman in an SUV failed to yield at the intersection and smacked the car at the driver front wheel.  There is no way this will buff out, so I need to replace the car.  Hopefully with a diesel.

What is the consensus of the group?  Which model diesel benz is the best car in your estimation.

Wanted: Various interior trim parts for 1993 300CE/E320 Cabrio W124

I am in need of some parts for a 1993 300CE/E320 Cabrio.

1. Trim piece that covers the base of the convertible top - sits just underneath the inside of the rear window and attaches with 4-5 screws.  Black in color.

2. Trim pieces that cover the convertible top release handles at the top of the windshield.  Tan in color.

3. Trim pieces that cover the sun visor mounts left and right.  Tan in color.

4. Rear view mirror - tan in color.  (Manual - non auto dimming).

5. Jack

Teal Blue 1993 300D 2.5 Turbo on eBay!

Check out this '93 2.5 turbo I found on eBay! Never when I'm in the market of course............

Teal Blue 1993 300D 2.5 Turbo

Mercedes-Benz High Mileage Certification and Service Clinic

Submitted by wwhopper on 04-10-2011

Event Information
Date: Sat, 04/09/2011 - 10:00am - 2:00pm
Location: Bethesda - Maryland
Contact: wwhopper
Greater Washington Section Event

Event Report
More than 50 MBCA members from as far away as Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Long Island, New York, turned out on a rainy cold Saturday to spend some quality time at one of Washington DC’s top dealers, EuroMotorcars Bethesda, learning more about their Mercedes-Benzes.   This is the second year that the Greater Washington Section has held a Mercedes-Benz High Mileage Certification and Service Clinic, designed to certify high mileage Mercedes-Benz automobiles for members to receive a grill badge and certificate from Mercedes-Benz stating that accomplishment.  It is also an opportunity for members to go over their Mercedes-Benz ‘s with a dealer technician to learn what it may need for the coming driving season, and to find out more about the mechanics of their car, and get to know the EuroMotorcars staff.

Seventeen applications were submitted and certified for High Mileage Awards, two of them for the 500K Award and the rest for the 250K Award.  Our highest mileage vehicle was Ray Richards’s 1983 300CD with 365,521 on the odometer. The oldest vehicle that came out was a black 1958 180D Ponton owned by Barbara Frank, though hardly the highest mileage, it sure was a show stopper.

The following cars were certified for the Mercedes-Benz High Mileage Award
'83 300CD - 365,521 – Ray Richards
'84 300TD - 333,357 – John Heflin
'72 300SEL 4.5 - 300,990 – Karim Morsli
'85 500SEC - 265,849 – John Reilich
'77 300D - 232,522 – Phillip and Cherise Menard
'94 E320 SW - 246,496 – Mariusz Dymerski
'90 300E - 214,578 – Mariusz Dymerski
'92 300D - 197,597 – Aaron Streeter
'92 300E - 192,885 – John David
'92 300E - 187,216 – Oscar Desierto
'83 380SL - 183,331 – Rich Weiss
'86 190E 2.3-16 - 182,131 - Brad Blase
'00 ML320 - 180458 – Marge & Don Lentzen
'90 300SEL - 167,000 – Isidor Patapis
'87 300D - 165,345 – Michael Williams
'83 380SEC - 161,530 – Steve Kresge
'98 ML320 - 155,437 – Bill Hopper / David Feske

We thank the staff at EuroMotorcars Bethesda for their hospitality, serving breakfast and lunch as well taking time out on a busy Saturday to spend with MBCA members teaching them more about their cars. Event Images

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